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I started traveling at about 22 years of age, when my mom, who is from Central America, suggested I take a trip outside the U.S.   I couldn't imagine why I would want to do that when I could spend my money on a new car, new clothes or a night on the town, but I took her up on it and the rest is history. 


Thanks to Mom,  I've been traveling a lifetime and the places I've been and the people I've met have positively changed me forever.   From Marta who introduced me to octopus in her beloved Athens, to Mohammed who wholeheartedly accepted me into his family in Cairo, to the koala bear owner in Gold Coast, Australia who trusted his baby bear in my arms for a moment, my travel experiences have touched my soul and enlightened my spirit.


Over the years, I've visited six continents, and lived in 3 countries; and it's difficult to explain how much it's benefitted my life.  Who would have thought riding a camel in Morocco, climbing a pyramid in Egypt or walking on the Great Wall of China would bring such spiritual joy?  Stepping outside my comfort zone expanded my horizons beyond measure and my life is better than ever!!!

Great to meet you!

Thanks for visiting our site and also for your interest in exploring the world.  I am so blessed to have met so many amazing men, women and children that have crossed my path in this blissful universe and I especially am grateful for the opportunity to travel with them to exciting parts of our world.  I really hope we can experience a travel journey together soon!


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Mya Reyes


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